About us

NETFUSER is the line of products from Superior Tech Corp., which is a unique system integrator specializing in consulting, design and delivery of tailored communication systems.

Established in 2012, the company is serving customers worldwide. The company is focused on three areas: data systems infrastructure, communication networks optimization and IP migration and IOT solutions.

We offer proactive maintenance and support services, serving our international clients. With vast experience implementing the latest products and technologies, the company’s team of IT professionals have vast experience in the design and implementation of data integration, technology infrastructure and security solutions.

We deliver truly unique, customized solutions that are specifically designed to meet our customer’s exact needs, and upgrading their existing systems. We believe our differentiation is not offering standard packages as many vendors do, or selling a lot of unnecessary add-ons or services.


- Communication Networks Implementation, Upgrading and Optimization:
We design and implement new WiMAX and LTE networks and upgrade existing networks, adding VoIP at the backend and delivering fast setup time for mobile networks

- VoIP End to End Solutions:
Delivering End to End VoIP solutions and adding security layers to the solution according to needed security level. Our solutions can be delivered to commercial and military clients.

- IP Migration:
Helping customers to migrate from analogue solution to IP based solution with best performance lowering the cost and minimizing time

- IOT solutions:
Introducing state of the art solutions for IOT and IIOT.

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